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Easy Way to Make Money with Clickbank Fast - How to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Spending all your time looking around for Clickbank tips, and solutions is useless, as you could be spending that precious time building up a niche specific, this article will help you to promote any Clickbank product, with a unique step by step strategy.

1. Affiliate Review Websites: 

You can combine your YouTube Clickbank videos with a self hosted affiliate review site. The aim is to rank both your video and the website (with the video embedded into it) on the front page of Google.

The best way to rank a Clickbank review site is to buy an exact match domain (EMD) for your product name keyword. And then to work on sending backlinks to that website as well as social interaction in the form of blog comments and Google+ shares.

2. Clickbank YouTube Videos:

A good way to go about making your first sales on Clickbank would be to focus on creating product reviews on YouTube.

YouTube videos are much easier to rank in the Google search engines than typical websites and it is therefore a quick way for newbies to make money with Clickbank to get the ball rolling.
It is best to actually buy the product in question first or to ask the vendor for a free review copy. Then you are in a better position to give a more in depth review and thus stand out from the crowd of other affiliates who have not even bothered to use the product before promoting it.

3. Solo Ads:

You can promote the affiliate products within this marketplace by using solo ads. Vendors won't allow you to go direct to a sales page in most case, but you send traffic to your own squeeze page before diverting visitors to a relevant Clickbank product after they have opted-in to your email list.

This is a good way to quickly monetize your solo ads campaigns with affiliate sales on the opt-in thankyou page. It is a good idea to test out a few different offers on the thank you page in order to see which types of programs work best for the particular list.

In summary, it is a good idea to combine SEO review sites with paid advertising and list building campaigns for the best of both worlds with your Clickbank affiliate marketing.

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